Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day of Rest

Sunday has always been known as a day of rest. I think my body is silently agreeing. The last 2 posts I talked about the pills I take and needing sleep. Well I forgot my pills and got behind in my sleep so today I have no energy and am exhausted. Last night I slept 8 hours but you can't catch up in sleep in one night. Shucks I could when I was younger.

Oh wait I am over 50 and hum I have you know what. No I am not mentioning what I have today. It is a day of rest....but I am a good girl today. I took my meds, am eating small meals, and drinking plenty of water.

Today I am playing and napping. No cleaning my dishes or house. No reorganizing.

Castle Age (Face Book game) was great this morning we won in Festival. Tough fight but apparently we won by % though our math showed we lost. Hey who am I to argue with CA.

I went into my tweeter account. I got caught up in redesigning the page and reading what I was missing. I linked it to my Facebook not my Castle Age playing account but my business account. Now I need to figure out how to associate it with my blog account.

After I am done blogging I am going to read a book, "The Shack" (Where tragedy confronts eternity) by Wm. Paul Young. But I guess I need to get out of my pj's just in case someone comes up my long driveway to visit unannounced.

So on with my day of rest...........

Quote of the day:
"How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward." ~ Spanish Proverb

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