Monday, December 17, 2018

The Wonder of 1 Year Later and 4+ Years later!!!! Immuno88 Bloodprint Eating

The amazing impact to my life after one year of Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint eating. 

“Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it.” 
― Ann WigmoreThe Hippocrates Diet and Health Program

1 Year Later........

I have already talked about the impact of this test on my life as well as how I felt when I followed the plan 100%. 

The last blog I talked about what I learned after introducing foods I shouldn't eat back into my eating and updated you on my changes during the 11 month period.

This time I want to talk about my One Year Anniversary of living the Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint eating and what happened when I retook the test.

When my son, Dr. Greg Abbott, told me a year ago (2104) that if I would do the Immuno88 Bloodprint eating that my life would never be the same I wanted to believed him because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. He's concern was that I wouldn't make it to his son's graduation (he was 1-1/2 years old at the time). Another concern he had was that I never followed through on anything for longer than 30 days and it was very important to follow through and stick 100% to the Immuno88 plan and be tested after a year to see we I stood healthwise.

He explained that due to my autoimmune system being severely compromised that the only thing he wanted me to do was eliminate my 28 Reactiv foods, take the Medi Herbs, and get more sleep. Since there were times that I could barely make it up the stairs from my body fatigue he recommended no exercise other than walking daily. Once I got more energy we would add exercise slowly into my lifestyle.

What my son, Dr. Greg Abbott, couldn't of imagined was that I would have a profound life changing experience from following his directions 100%. 

The shock of eliminating foods I was able to survive and this made the most profound change in my health and life.

My Original 28 reactive foods (underlined foods are still on my new test)

Almonds (+3), Amaranth (+1), Banana (+1), BEANS - Green (+1), Kidney (+2), Pinto (+2) and Yellow Wax (+1), Cantaloupe (+1), Celery (+1), Cheese (+2), Cranberry (+1), Eggs (+3), Grapefruit (+1), Lemon (+1), Lime (+1), MILK - Cow (+1), Milk - Goat (+2), Orange (+1), Pineapple (+1), Pork (+1), Pumpkin (+2), Rice (+1), Sesame (+1), Tangerine (+1), Wheat (+1), YEAST- Bakers (+1) and Brewers (+1)

My NEW 15 reactive foods (highlighted foods are new)

Almonds (+2), Coco-Chocolate (+1)Crab (+1), eggs (+2), Grapefruit (+1), Lemon (+1), Lime (+1), MILK - cow (+2), Milk - Goat (+1), Olive (+1), Orange (+1), Pepper B/W (+3), Plum (+1), Pumpkin (+1), Tangerine (+1)

4 Years and 9 Months Later

I just discovered this blog post that I never finished so it's time to finish this story...

My son, Dr. Greg Abbott and others who do not have autoimmune diseases will never fully understood the feelings inside me that shifted not only medically and physically but mentally. 

Each day as I got better my desire to not exist disappeared more and more and was replaced with the desire for creativity in my life. Pessimism disappeared to be replaced by a positive "I can do" attitude. Joy came back into my life and I live every day laughing and creating joy in my life and others. 

Now, I live each day fully making sure I get enough sleep and being conscious of eat properly without making myself wrong if I fall off the wagon. I try to walk 10,000 steps a day and exercise 3x a week or more but have to work with a personal trainer to modify my workouts due to my arthritis. This is okay for me because the greatest gift I received is that I can workout and not crawl up stairs to go to bed. No I can't lift and move many heavy things in a row but I can lift and move.

What I know......

  • I learned that eliminating stress also meant eliminating the friends and family that feed the stress. I now walk away from stressful situations choosing to pick different jobs and people to work with.
  • I learned that it is okay to say I can't right now I am too exhausted and not feel guilty.
  • I learned that two hour naps help me with my energy level.
  • I learned that eating too much sugar, dairy or gluten causes my RA,  Osteoarthritis and Sjogren's Syndrome to flare up and causes my stomach, esophagus and digestive tract to go into trauma.
  • I learned that when I work out and walk my RA, Osteoarthritis and Sjogren's Syndrome are less painful.
  • I learned that by following everything my son taught me my life will be longer, I am happier and more fulfilled.
  • BEST of all I will be there for when my grandchildren get married.
Joy Sprinkled with Thankfulness and Laughter,

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