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Update News!!!!! Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint eating ~ 11 months later

  Before                                       Now

Life is about learning and I have learned a lot since my last blog on Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint eating. Last time I talked about how my life had changed dramatically but this time I want to talk about what I learned and update you on the changes. 

Quote of the day:

"The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison" ~ Ann Wigmore

On March 19, 2014 I weighed 185 and started eating 100% according to my Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint Food Plan. This involved not eating 28 foods and removing all processed food.

My 28 reactive foods

Almonds, amaranth, banana, BEANS - green, kidney, pinto and yellow wax, cantaloupe, celery, cheese, cranberry, eggs, grapefruit, lemon, lime, MILK (cow, goat, almond), orange, pineapple, pork, pumpkin, rice, sesame, tangerine, wheat, YEAST- bakers and brewers

Changes in my weight and inches lost........

March 19th, 2014         185.7 lbs. (goal to lose 50 total)
October 5th, 2014        35.65" lost overall
October 12th, 2014      149.1 lbs (-36.6 lbs no exercise) 
January 26th, 2015      143.7 lbs (-42.0 lbs no exercise)
March 2nd, 2015          144.0 lbs (-41.7 lbs no exercise)
March 6th, 2015           42.75" lost overall 

Changes to my health when I ate 100% on the plan and when I ate 95-90% on the Plan..........

  • Steroid injections to thumb for arthritis so I could work
    • 100% ~ I no longer got steroid injections.
      • On this eating plan I worked solid (meaning approximately 6 days a week, 8-14 hour days) for 10 months before I started getting any pain.
    • 95-90% ~ Got my 1st steroid injection in my thumb February 10, 2015. 
      • Last one was April 8th, 2014. 
        • Usually I got them every time I had to work which averaged out to about 6-8 weeks apart. I didn't work much up to that point.
      • Pain came back within 1 month of going to only 90% of the plan.
  • Arthritic pain in any of my joints
    • 100% ~ None.
    • 95-90% ~ Thumb has started being very painful needing a steroid shot. Joints started to ache late afternoon.
  • Brain fog
    • 100% ~ Is down by 90%....actually within less than 1 week, it was so amazing my head went from feeling like a wet cotton ball to a helium balloon it was awesome. No fearfulness of making a mistake or forgetting what I was told or doing.
    • 95-90% ~ Effected if I am extremely tired, after I eat something I am not suppose to and it is still down by 85%. This could be more from fearfulness of making a mistake than actual need.
  • Simple and complex instructions
    • 100% ~ Remember without having to write everything down.
    • 95-90% ~ When tired must write things down. I review instructions often to not make mistakes.
  • Migraines 
    • 100% ~ Gone and for the 1st time in over 20 years they are more like a dull headache lasting only a few hours.
    • 95-90% ~ Migraines are back lasting 3 days at a time. Only had 2 bouts since mid January but two too many.
  • Thyroid 
    • 100% ~ Calmed down (the blob that moved every time I swallowed is gone) and I can swallow pills again.
    • 95-90% ~ Swallowing is starting to feel like a baby blob is there but still able to swallow pills.
  • Hair
    • 100% ~ Is not falling out like crazy.
    • 95-90% ~ Hair is falling out again. Greg did an adrenal test and starting an herbal plan for this.
  • Energy
    • 100% ~  Rarely get exhausted where I can't move and don't tire as easily when performing tasks.
    • 95-90% ~ After long periods of working need to rest for several days. Fatigue is present.
  • Sleeping
    • 100% ~ Without being in pain.
    • 95-90% ~ Sleeping is being disturb again and I can't sleep longer than 5 hours without back pain.
  • Stomach gas and bloating
    • 100% ~ Is gone.
    • 95-90% ~ Is back especially with gluten and cheese.
  • Elimination
    • 100% ~ Daily.
    • 95-90% ~ Constipation returns.
  • Esophagus
    • 100% ~ Rarely hurts.
    • 95-90% ~ Need to visit Doctor. Esophagus is starting to get painful to the touch at entry to stomach. Am hoping that being on food plan 100% will bring it back down but not willing to take a chance in case my Barrett's Syndrome has gotten worse. 
  • Touching
    • 100% ~ It no longer hurts to be hugged by someone but massages still feel like they are massaging a bruise.
    • 90% ~ Some pain with hugging depending on how tight they hug. 
  • My libido is back
    • 100% & 95-90% ~ Same.
  • Creativity is back
    • 100% & 95-90% ~ Same.
  • Cholesterol
    • 100% ~ Was drastically down.
    • 95-90% ~ Not tested.
  • All inflammatory markers are down
    • 100% ~ Down when tested.
    • 98% ~ Down more and in normal range but had only done for less than 2 weeks before getting tested.
    • 90% ~ Not tested. I started this after the 98% test.


  • I ate 100% meaning no foods of the 28 on my list intentionally from March 19th, 2014 till Thanksgiving Day 2014.
    • This included when I was over in Gdansk, Poland sewing on costumes for work.
    • On Thanksgiving I had a small piece of pumpkin pie and yam pie and repeated this on Christmas day.
    • Only a few times have I had issues eating out. They usually forgot and added butter to the steaks and I would be sick for a day.
    • All restaurants have been supportive and many chefs have come out to talk to me personally.
    • I have made more friends everywhere I eat and they remember my needs when I come back.
    • I tweet my experiences with eating and allergy menus
    • My family and all friends are supportive. Even some have fun with it and tease me.
    • Movie theaters use coconut oil so I can have movie popcorn, I always ask to make sure.
  • Started eating 95% to 90% of the eating plan after I got home in early January, 2015
    • Noticed my digestion issues started coming back.
    • Started to not care about eating bad more often than not.
    • My hard wired beliefs started to dissolve the more processed foods I ate.
    • Weight started to climb.
    • Lethargy started to set in.
    • Arthritis started up requiring a steroid injection and continual use of ibuprofen which effects my stomach and throat issues.

Updates Comments and Observations........

  • People are very supportive
    • UPDATE ~ Not all people are supportive. There was a point that a select few started trying to convince me that what I was doing is dangerous. This I found highly amusing as all I was doing was eating organic food, especially no foods with more than 4-5 ingredients and no processed food. Also the more weight I lost and the better I felt some women began feeling uncomfortable and threatened by my new me. I find this sad that weight loss would start such a reaction in another women or significant other.
  • Once I made up my mind to save my life it just was who I became
    • UPDATE ~ I still believe this but notice that when I started eating foods I shouldn't, my brain started to say it's okay just this once which then because twice then thrice.
  • I no longer have cravings of any kind
    • UPDATE ~ Once I started eating off the plan especially processed foods I have started getting cravings that I have trouble controlling. This really causes a concern. What the heck is in the food that would cause me to crave them after I ate them again? It has to be more than my thinking process. It felt like I had no control and the compulsion to have too became disturbing to me.
  • My husband is amazing and very supportive
    •  He is so amazing he took the test as well and when I am crazy busy he cooks meals that I can eat.
  • I have 3 friends doing it as well. Oh wait make that 4 :)
    • UPDATE ~ I have 7+ friends/family now on the plan
  • Each of my friends have noticed changes as well and each is different. Ones asthma has been reduced by a lot.
    • UPDATE ~ Not everyone has had as dramatic of changes I have but they have all had changes and feel physically and mentally better. But to be honest only 1 of them is doing it 100% like myself.
  • I now actually feel like I want to workout
    • UPDATE ~ Due to a shoulder injury I caused upon myself I haven't been able to workout. I did have to take a steroid shot for it February 13th, 2015 and am in Physical Therapy. In a few weeks we'll determine if an MRI and surgery will be required. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT lean out of bed and try to get your chapstick out from under the bed stand in an awkward position and fall further out of bed. Yeah I did that idiotic move :(
  • I eat what I need, fill up easily and am rarely hungry
    • UPDATE ~ Since I introduced food I shouldn't eat back into my life I now have cravings and want to eat when I am not hungry
  • Life is awesome
    • UPDATE ~ life is so awesome I want to shout from the rooftops "EVERYONE CHANGE YOUR LIFE....DO THIS!"
      • Professionally I got lots of exciting work sewing costumes in entertainment that due to contracts I am not allowed to talk about. My work hours tripled for a 7 month period.
      • This would not of been possible before I started the Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint eating plan. My immune system wouldn't of been able to handle this type of continued activity.
  • I can get on the floor and play with my grandson
    • UPDATE ~ now I have a granddaughter so I can get on the floor and play with both of them.

Goals meet........

  • Lost 42 pounds though I go up and down about 2 pounds
  • Hydroxychloroquine with the approval of my RA specialist was reduced to 1-1/2 pills per day. It is my understanding that this was done due to weight loss.
  • Shared this amazing Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint methodology helping others to be healthier.

My future goals........

  • I decided not to lose a total of 50 lbs. As I got thinner I noticed that my face started to look older and saggy. No plastic surgery for me. Also my legs got thin...bird looking ;) and my middle refused to get smaller.
  • Eventually be off my Hydroxychloroquine with the approval of my RA specialist, or at least get it down to 1 time a day.
  • Workout daily or at least 3 times a week.
  • Continue to share this amazing Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint methodology

Where to from here........

I have gone back to 100% on the eating plan and I will retest this month (March). I am very curious to see if I get some foods back and lose others. But I will randomly for very special occasions eat a tiny amount outside of the plan (example my big birthday coming up). 

The last month and a half has reinforced for me that eating any of the junky food will cause me to over eat them and start the poor eating cycle over again. Also it will kick off my RA and stomach issues. 

So it is very important that I use more self control. I realize that the junk food itself is creating these reactions within my body and brain so I have given myself a break, quite beating myself up but am strengthening the initial thought that starts me wanting to eat it.

I was feeling so good I almost forgot how bad I felt before but now I've had a reminder and it is time to pull myself back in and eat my Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint Food Plan.

After the doctor figures out my shoulder issue I will start an exercise program to build muscle so I no longer have bird legs and I won't be so susceptible to injury..

If you want to know know more about the Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint plan......
Please contact my son Dr. Greg Abbott who is a Chiropractor and Wellness Way Coach. His background includes being a sports performance coach for elite and professional athletes, a head coach for an elite youth baseball team, an assistant football coach for Lawrence University as well as playing Division I baseball and football in college. 

Greg along with the other talented professionals he works with are blogging, giving free seminars/classes and doing podcasts to meet their mission statement goals. 

Check out and contact Dr. Greg Abbott at: The Wellness Way in Greenbay, WI but they have offices throughout the US.

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Stay tuned for my next blog which will be after I do the Immuno88 Reactiv Bloodprint retest........

Smiles sprinkled with determination and well-being,

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