Friday, September 23, 2011

From "All or Nothing" to BALANCE Part 1

So I explained in the blog titled "All or Nothing" that Balance isn't a word I am used to but I have started taking baby steps like my family and friends on Facebook recommended.

Medical Balance
The tests came back from my new RA specialist and still showed Sjögren's Syndrome, and Lupus. She also said I most likely had Fibromyalgia and she still hadn't ruled out Rheumatoid Arthritis. So I was to continue the treatments we were on. Okay not bad since the numbers weren't much worse than my previous tests. She had a concern for my liver because it was showing bad. So in a few months I'll have a liver scan. But I am at peace because she is so good, thorough, and professional.

I saw my new Urologist about the CT Scan on my bladder and kidneys. NO CANCER. But....there is always a but.......looks like when I was in the hospital in June the hospital didn't check my kidney function with the bacteria in my bladder and blood and my kidney was infected so it has been beat up pretty bad and now we are trying to stop more damage and see if we can get it to heal some. So all new medicine. They did some other tests on my bladder and they all passed. Including taking a camera into the bladder. Though there is damage there it looks in good overall health and I had another ultrasound on my Kidney/Bladder to see if there is improvement on the damage done. I go in next week for the results. I feel very peaceful after seeing personally into the bladder that all was well and using the preventive medicines are really helping me.

My Thought about it
Having confidence in your doctors goes a long way towards not worrying and starting to take better care of yourself. Something about their confidence and experience rubs off on you and is a calming factor.

Physical Balance
I am eating better and have started walking the dog down the driveway but more importantly I realigned the way I was thinking and live in the "Possibility" that all is right and well.

My Thought about it
Bodies need to move and release pent up energy. I found that in moving the pain seems to ease up some and I started feeling happier and more energetic.

Personal Balance
This was the hardest part for me as I gave up things I really loved doing but were serving nothing to advance me in my business or creativity. I gave admining my Facebook CA group WalHalla and my favorite team AgT. That took up a lot of my time. I am still part of the group but without responsibilities. I am still Guild master of WalHalla Rising but I am proud to say I have 1/3 the responsibilities now and am finally getting use to not being on FB all day and night long.

My Thought about it
It took me forever to do this because it was something I enjoyed. But along the way I realised that it was also a way to escape life and that is not something I wanted to do anymore.

Viola, me and Jonelle

Professional Balance
I did start to totally redesign my website and am currently working on my husbands as well. I hope to have it posted up to the web this weekend. I also worked at the Fireside as a stitcher and then went straight to work for Feld Entertainment as a stitcher. To be honest they were both the best jobs I ever worked and I love the atmosphere. I wish I had discovered this type of sewing years ago. The only problem is they last for short periods of time. Though they are great for me at this time of my life.

My thought about it
What I really like about them is they don't impact my health if I eat right and get enough sleep. Things that I can control. Also both of these jobs are by far the best jobs I ever had because they fill the creative expressive part of me and I get to meet such a wide variety of different personalities that I love.

Though these are very small steps they feel huge to me and I am getting ready to move forward with some more.


Quote for the day
"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."Leo Tolstoy

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