Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pondering about myself

I was going through my documents on my laptop and I found this poem. I don't remember doing it but then again I found a lot of things on my laptop I don't remember saving either... It will take me a week to clean out all my not needed documents but I have a goal to get my sewing website done.

By Teri E. Lloyd
August 10, 2008

Who is it that I am
That I do not see but am
Deep, deep, down inside there is a bright white light
It’s there hidden deep inside
Inside that white light is my spirit
My spirit is there inside hidden.
Hidden by my life experiences,
By the experiences of my past, by past generations
Generations and generations upon generations
That is who I am
I am that white light
That white light deep inside that wants to shine bright
That is my spirit
So let’s awaken that spirit that is hidden deep inside
Very, very deep inside
The spirit, the spirit where God abides
Where spirit abides
Where love abides

Some of my pictures I have taken. Another part of me most don't know about.

Now for the sewing part of me....

So many interests and so little time. Off to work on my website.

Smiles, Teri

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